eat-more-salad superfood-smoothie

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eat-more-salad superfood-smoothie

Greens, like kale, romaine, spinach, collards, and, my favorite, swiss chard are superfoods. They are packed with sometimes hard-to-obtain nutrients like iron, calcium, and Bs, and they are very alkalizing. But I cannot seem to get enough greens in my diet eating salads so I now start my day with this smoothie. Don’t worry, the green taste is very minimal and light, almost not noticeable. This smoothie is not only packed with greens but other superfoods and is rich in healthy fats. I use a Blendtec high speed blender for this smoothie. This recipe makes a lot–Niki and I drink it throughout the day.

  • Favorite greens: chard, romaine, kale, spinach, etc. In any combo or alone
  • water or coconut water
  • EFA cold pressed oils: I really like Vega oil (make sure it has lots of omega 3 since we nut-eaters get lots of omega 6)
  • Hemp seeds (oh maybe about 1/2 cup or so, we pile it on)
  • favorite fruits–berries work best here. Blueberries and cherries especially. Use frozen in the winter.
  • banana
  • raw cacao–a must!
  • coconut meat (optional)
  • avocado (also optional, but highly recommended)
  • raw maca powder
  • raw lacuma (optional yummy caramel flavor)
  • optional: 85% raw sprouted 100% vegan protein power (Vega) — just in case.
  • ice cubes

Place 12 oz water of coconut water in blender and one banana. Fill the rest of the pitcher up with roughly chopped greens. (I just kinda pull/tear them with my hands). Blend for a few seconds until you have a green chunky, kinda gross looking liquid. Add everything else. If you add too many powders at once they will start to stick to the sides so layer it up. I like to top with some ice cubes and then blend on high for about 45 seconds. If it is not sweet enough add more berries or some yacon syrup.

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