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IMG_20111031_181401I don't want to be a designer, a marketer, an illustrator,
a brander, a social media consultant, a multi-platform
guru, an interface wizard, a writer of copy, a technological
assistant, an applicator, an aesthetic king, a notable
user, a profit-maximizer, a bottom-line analyzer, a meme
generator, a hit tracker a re-poster, a sponsored blogger,
a starred commentator, an online retailer, a viral relayer, 
a handle, a font, or a page. i don't want to be linked in,
tuned in, "liked," incorporated, listed, or programmed.
I don't want to be a brand, a representative, an
ambassador, a bestseller, or a chart-topper. I don't want
to be a human resource or part of your human capital.

I don't want to be an entrepreneur of myself.

Don't listen to the founders, the employers, the
newspapers, the pundits, the editors, the forecasters,
the researchers, the branders, the career counselors,
the prime minister, the job market, Michel Foucault, or
your haughty brother in finance -- there's something else!

I want to be a lover, a teacher, a wandere, an assembler
of words, a sculptor of immaterial, a maker of instruments,
a Socratic philosopher and an erratic muse. I want to be 
a community center, apiece of art, a wonky cursive script,
and an old-growth tree! i want to be a disrupter, a creator,
an apocalyptic visionary, a master of reconfiguration,
a hypocritical parent, an illegal download, and a choose-
your-own-adventure! I want to be a renegade agitator!
A licker of ice cream! An organizer of mischief! A released
charge! A double jump on the trampoline! A wayward 
youth! A volunteer! A partner.

--Danielle Leduc




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