Running with American Gods

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Running with American Gods


I like running on trails and reading books, and sometimes combine the two. I load my iPod with audio books and take off into the forest. It’s not running meditation, but strangely satisfying. Audio reading requires concentration, so I find that I can’t run as fast, but that’s okay. I’m a slow reader, too.

The latest book I’ve “read” on the trails is Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. An awesome work of fiction. The novel follows a character named Shadow as he travels through the American landscape, working for a strange individual named Mr. Wednesday. Gods appear left and right in the story, reflecting past and present cultures. New gods battle old gods while Shadow tries to make sense of his life and the whirlwind of fantasy around him.


Blueberry, our tireless blue heeler mix, is my loyal running companion. She and I love the trails around Mt. Elden and on Campbell Mesa. She keeps a watchful eye out for things to herd, including flying ravens and falling leaves, and when there’s no real herding work to do, she finds the largest log around and carries it on the trail behind me.

Blueberry blocking the trail
Blueberry with big stick


If you’re in the mood to try a new trail running shoe, Brooks’ PureGrit shoes are worth a look. Light, minimal heel-to-toe drop, and cushiony for a minimalist shoe, they are comfortable and have a long life. I’m still rotating the same four pairs I bought last year, running between 80 and 100 miles per week with stability and comfort.It’s been a beautiful summer. Thank the American Gods there hasn’t been another Schultz fire this year. The monsoon rains are happening, freshening the air, greening our outdoor sanctuaries–these are sweet days in northern Arizona.Thanks for checking in.


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